A heartfelt THANK YOU to GreaterGood.org and Rescue Bank for their generous donation of IV Ringers.  The IV Ringers are critical in the care of horses and other animals who require life-saving fluids.

The grant was awarded to Humanity for Horses through GreaterGood.org and Rescue Bank, a Signature Program of GreaterGood.org.  With over 400 horses and a total of 600+ animals, the fluids will be put to excellent use.  As our vet said, “It’s a gift from Heaven”, and we agree!!

We also wish to thank Global Federal of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) who advised accredited organizations of this opportunity.

You can learn more about this organization at: www.greatergood.org

THANK YOU TAA for the most recent grant we have received to provide care for our Thoroughbreds! You can learn more about this organization at: www.thoroughbredaftercare.org/

Humanity for Horses is grateful to the California Retirement Management Account (CARMA) for its generous grant to care for our off-track Thoroughbreds. You can go to www.carma4horses.com to learn more about this organization.

A great big Thank You to After the Finish Line for their Surprise Holiday Horse Grant to help with dental expenses for some of our off-track Thoroughbreds. We invite our readers to learn more about this organization at www.afterthefinishline.org.

Thank you Maddie! We Love You!
#thankstomaddie. Relaxed paws made pawsible by a grant from Maddie’s Fund! Learn why we love Maddie by visiting www.maddiesfund.org/index.htm

Humanity for Horses is grateful to Crystal Geyser Roxanne Water Company in Weed, CA for their ongoing donations of water for our sanctuary staff.

We thank the Unified Caring Association for its participation in teaming with us on our projects. It makes it possible for 100% of donations to go towards the well-being and care of our animals.