Mandate for Humanity for Horses

Though our goal is to rescue and save as many horses as possible, we also extend our hearts and hands to other breeds who desperately need a home. On-site we presently have 442 horses who live with minis, ponies, sheep, mules, donkeys, alpacas, goats, llamas, chickens, guinea hens, geese and cats.  Off-site we house  rabbits, cats, dogs, chinchillas, birds, a rooster and a few guinea pigs.

We welcome all these souls to our magnificent H4H family. We feel blessed to be able to do this because we truly believe that an animal saved is an angel secured.


Humanity for Horses is a 501C3 non-profit organization, Tax ID:27-4116043. It was birthed in 2012 when a law was passed, allowing horses to be slaughtered in the USA. The reason for this name is obvious – humanity must speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Fortunately, after much hard work, in January 2014, the U.S. Government effectively revoked horse slaughter.

The more money we can raise, the more animals we can save. We are completely dedicated and devoted to putting an end to their needless suffering and untimely deaths. We provide them sanctuary for the rest of their lives and no animal is adopted out. This is a protection against any further risk of mistreatment. Since we opened, we have also helped other animal rescues in financial need or stress.

To date, we have rescued over 700 animals. People who come to the sanctuary, whether they be staff, farriers, veterinarians, visitors or those delivering horses, have all had the same reaction. When they first enter the gate, they have stated that they felt overwhelmed with a sense of peace and hope. It could be the way we have thought out and built the sanctuary, but we suspect that the animals are sending this message. When animals come in, we always try to tune into who they would like to live with. We have all felt that families are being reunited.

One of our major concerns is the Thoroughbreds. Our primary focus is to take in the Thoroughbreds that are too injured to go into any other program. We have become known as The Place of Last Hope. We are committed to nurture and doctor them for the rest of their lives. However, they do participate in a hugging program we have. The Thoroughbreds and other breeds that can be healed will be trained for our up and coming therapeutic programs.

Because 99% of the horses we rescue are very injured, sick or lame, Humanity for Horses is really just a very large hospital. Sometimes we think we are likened to all the big children’s hospitals, but we are dedicated to animals. We have recently purchased a laser which has helped considerably. We have had great success with the healing process, but very few of our animals can heal 100%. They have just been through too much wear, tear, starvation or abuse. However rare, when one can run, we turn them out into a large pasture to go like the wind, but even with this, we must be careful and not overdo it. The victory of seeing them saved and cared for makes our hearts sing and our souls soar.

100% of donations are allocated to taking care of our angelic animals. We are blessed to have a corporate sponsor that supports all our administrative costs. The sanctuary is located on 388 acres at the base of Mount Shasta in Northern California.

Humanity for Horses is Accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries.

Accreditation signifies that Humanity for Horses meets GFAS’s rigorous and peer-reviewed equine and farm animal care standards which are confirmed by a comprehensive site visit. Accreditation also signifies adherence to standards addressing the sustainability of the organization, ethical principles, finances, staffing, education outreach, security and safety and other operational aspects.

“Nestled at the base of beautiful Mount Shasta, Humanity for Horses stands out among a field of many wonderful equine and farm animal sanctuaries,” said Daryl Tropea, GFAS Senior Deputy Director. “Humanity for Horses has created an environment of nurturing providing a safe haven for so many animals in need. The people who work and care for the animals at Humanity for Horses, are the very definition of professionalism. Their attention to detail is commendable and their dedication to these animals is undeniable.”

“I am thrilled to be accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries,” said Denali Jordon, Founder of Humanity for Horses. “I believe that the unification and cooperation of animal sanctuaries around the world can only be of benefit to the safety of the animal kingdom. United we stand, divided we fall, surely rings true when it comes to any and all unfortunate beings. I look forward to being of greater service, where ever I can, whenever I can. My dream is to put an end to animal abuse and the ignorance that causes it. The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries is certainly an organization that can assist me in fulfilling that dream. For this reason alone, I am deeply grateful.”

Thank you to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)! Humanity for Horses is so thankful for your financial assistance.